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Should you be interested in participating in the Meeting with History in Cedynia, please send an application e-mail to festiwal@cedynia.org. The application form should include:

  • 1.The name of the group and the name of the place whence it comes
  • 2.The number of participants (both the craftsmen and warriors) and the number of tents.
  • 3.A description of the handcraft that you are to present and the number of stalls. The handcrafts presented at the festival must be done according to the early medieval methods. The same rule pertains to all objects sold during the festival.
  • 4.The internet address of the group's internet website. Should the group not have it, please include a few pictures of the members to the application form.
  • 5.Contact details: name, email address and the telephone number of the person who will represent the group. Please use your real name, a possible nickname might be given together with the name in brackets.

  • Sending an application form means that you accept the rules and regulations and will abide by them.

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