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Thietmar wrote:
Meanwhile, the illustrious Margrave Hodo collected an army and attacked Miesco though the latter was faithful to the emperor and paid tribute for territory extending to the river Warthe. Only my father, Count Siegfried, then a young man and unmarried, came to his aid with warriors of his own. When the battle began aat Zehden, on the feast of John the Baptist, they were initially successful [24 June 972]. But then Miesco`s brother, Cidibur, attacked and killed all the best warriors (...).

source: The Chronicon of Thietmar of Merseburg, tr. David Warner

There are many places in Poland which once witnessed crucial events in Polish history but now remain in oblivion. One of such places is Cedynia...

Usually, the town fleetingly visited by tourists will host the Meeting with History in Cedynia on the 17th - 19th of June 2011. The event will reenact one of the most significant victories of the Polish army.

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